What Customers Say

“…the students & staff loved the burritos!”
School K12 - Food Service Nutritionist, California
“The Edibowls went over great. Everybody thought they were cool. They were in good shape and not broken.”
School K12 - Cafeteria Manager, Indianapolis
“They worked out great and I will work them into our lunch program.”
College/University - Residential Dining, California
“We tried them with our Fajita Meat….they have a great taste…”
School K12 - Foodservice Director, Texas
“Edibowls were great. Edibowls helps make the food more appetizing…nutritious…fun…that can be used to scoop chili or whatever you put in them.”
Restaurant Owner, Delaware
“…the kids loved them. We served with teriyaki chicken with rice! Yummy!”
School K12 - Cafeteria Manager, New York


Have your bowl, and eat it too. The Edibowl® for Restaurants or the Edibowl® for Schools K12, put salads, soups, and other dishes in a wholesome, convenient-to-serve, crispy cracker bowl that they’ll eat up! Request a sample today!


True Burritos

Hand-wrapped and filled with fresh, natural ingredients, the True Burrito is the real deal. And school kids know it. See what our schools have to say, or request your own sample today!